Celebrating 20 years of independent financial education.
  • Financial literacy education for everyone.

    From paying for college to planning for retirement, we help adults of all ages make smart financial decisions. We partner directly with organizations that serve a wide range of individuals nationwide.

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  • Introducing MoneyEdu. The next generation in credit union member education.

    MoneyEdu is the first financial education program designed to meet the specific financial education requirements of credit unions - from general member education to loan education to one-to-one counseling.

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  • Financial Literacy 101. Financial education for college students.

    Financial Literacy 101 was the nation's first online financial literacy course and now it's more powerful than ever. Learn how "just in time" financial education works for thousands of students each year.

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What if you could offer measurable financial education
to every member of your organization?

Now you can. Whether you manage a nonprofit serving 200 individuals or a national organization with 2,000,000 members, independent financial literacy education is simple with Decision Partners.


MoneyEdu helps credit unions meet the financial education needs of members while offering entirely new opportunities for both loan education and member outreach.

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Financial Literacy 101

Setting the standard for young adult financial education with over one million completed assignments, Financial Literacy 101 offers more implementation options than ever.

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Custom Solutions

Organizations from the Association of American Medical Colleges to PNC Bank trust us to develop tailored financial education programs for their constituents.

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Our Technology: Financial Education for the 21st Century

Nothing to Install

Our cloud-based platform gets you up and running in hours with no IT support required. Scale to any size and pay only for what you use.

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Customization Options

You know your constituents better than we do. Customize our standard course templates as needed and even add your own content in just a few clicks.

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Personalized Learning

Users create personalized accounts that save their work. They can return again and again for additional courses or independent learning.

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Start a Conversation

Make an impact with personalized financial coaching. Enable our one-to-one counseling and CRM tools for highly efficient in-person or remote sessions.

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